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If you want to know more about Deiq of Stass, that mysterious man of mayhem in the Children of the Desert series, this book is a good start. You may not like what you find out about him, though….

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This is a story of days past, before the Split — before the tropical southlands became the severe, rocky desert featured in the Children of the Desert series. It’s a story of who Deiq used to be, and how the world used to see the ha’reye, and it’s a glimpse into why so much knowledge has been lost, not to mention why so many modern desert lords now hate and fear Deiq. It’s a truer version of the story Idisio tells in Guardians of the Desert. It’s a useful bit of fill-in, and it should add some depth to the series.

It’s not, however, necessary to understand the series. It’s not even, perhaps, entirely true in and of itself — because it’s a tale drawn from Deiq’s memories, and as he himself admits in Fires of the Desert, he routinely erases or represses his recall of anything that might get him in trouble if another ha’ra’ha or ha’reye ever caught a glimpse of it.

Fallen City is designed as a stand-alone novella to some degree, but will probably make the most sense when read alongside the series.

Sample chapter here.

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