What Is A Scribbling Lion?

A Scribbling Lion is a rare and fantastical creature. With claws (we are assured) trimmed stylishly short, it reads, it writes, it roars in approval. There are no extant pictures of this creature; it’s quite shy and retiring. We aren’t even entirely sure how many of them there might be. Probably only one. But one never really knows with fantastical creatures, does one?

This particular Scribbling Lion used to run this site as a bookstore. That, sadly, did not turn out to be a sustainable venture, and so the Lion has retreated into the hills to ponder books, authors, and the creation of a better world via fabulous prose in all its magnificent variety. It has allowed us to continue selling a few books on a very limited basis, but the scope and scale has been sharply reduced.

Every so often, we get a delivery containing news, reviews, and various observations about creativity. We post those on this site, continuing the Lion’s core mission of connecting excellent readers with excellent writing. To buy any of the books we mention, please consider one of the following sources, or look up your local indie bookstore (IndieBound is an excellent resource for this!) and order from them. The Lion has been very clear that it disapproves of Amazon.

Orielis Books

Oakley’s Gently Used Books

Fountain Bookstore

Chop Suey Books

Publishers that the Lion recommends without reservation:

Falstaff Press

Mocha Memoirs Press

More coming soon, check back!