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What Is A Scribbling Lion?

Short answer

We love books. So we read books, and because we’re crazy, we set up a bookstore to sell our favorites.

A More Precise, But Longer, Answer

As Leona’s own writing career has unfolded over the years, she’s noticed a pattern of creative types having to arrange/beg shared table space at conventions, usually on a consignment basis. While consignment and/or shared tables make perfect sense from a business standpoint, the other folks involved usually haven’t read your work and thus have no real handle or interest in marketing it.

The only way to sell, then, is to be at the table every spare moment–and lord-of-light, a ligature of increasingly desperate authors clustered around a single sales table is a terrifying sight by Sunday afternoon!

There’s always hand-selling, but that involves dragging books all over the convention with you. Not ideal, embarrassing at times, and a significant source of back strain.

There has to be a better way, says Leona, and came up with The Scribbling Lion. We sell a steadily rotating selection of fantastic work, via both conventions and online venues. Leona has read EVERYTHING we sell, and can speak about it with fair confidence. (As long as she has coffee.)

Overall, we aim to support talented authors. Sometimes, that means helping them learn how to sell their work. We put out their flyers and whatnot. On occasion, we take their work on consignment for an event. It’s flexible, and intended to raise visibility and enthusiasm for hard-to-categorize writing.

We know we’re not the only ones in this particular game, and we celebrate the other publishers and bookstores doing the same hard work. The more the merrier, and the more of us yelling, the more likely we are to be heard. So stop by our shop, online or at an event, and see what we’re hooting and hollering about lately!

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