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Now and again, we discover samples, excerpts, or even entire stories worth pointing out. Most are hosted by other sites.

Please note that we are not claiming to have any relationship with these authors, business or otherwise, by providing these links, here or elsewhere on the site. In some cases, we are friends. In others, they don’t know us from a hole in the ground, and that’s fine.

Also please note that many of the links on this page will take you to other sites.

Cassandra Khaw:

Apathetic Goblin Nightmare Woman (poem)

I Built This City For You (entire story)

Frances Hardinge:

A Face Like Glass (excerpt)

Tom Doyle:

While Ireland Holds These Graves (entire story)/(broken across 5 web pages)

American Craftsmen (excerpt)

Danny Birt:

Between a Roc and a Hard Place (excerpt)

Darin Kennedy:

The Mussorgsky Riddle (excerpt)

Leona R. Wisoker:

Dragon Child (excerpt)

Fallen City (excerpt)

A Giant Mistake (entire story)

Guardians of the Desert (excerpt)

Leftovers (excerpt)

Nothing Changes (excerpt)

Salt City (excerpt)

Secrets of the Sands (excerpt)

Shadows of the Infinite (excerpt)

Silver and Iron (excerpt)

Whatcha Wanna Say?