The Scribbling Lion is a small bookstore that aims to help small press and indie authors break out of the shadows to reach a wider audience. Our major inventory is based around SFF, with a minor in miscellany. We buy most books outright, at a price that lets the creators make a profit, and then resell at a price that allows us to make a profit. We attend conventions throughout the year, and our stock is always available through Amazon*. We also have a semi-permanent table at Retro Daddio, our favorite geek haven in Williamsburg, VA.

Our stock changes frequently. Right now, we have Margaret Killjoy, Angela P Wade, Allison Norfolk, Teresa Frohock, Leona R Wisoker, Frances Hardinge, Leigh Bardugo, and others on the table.

We feature authors of note through our Pack Pages, which do not always correlate with inventory in hand. For example, we have a page about Edward R Morris, but don’t currently stock his (many!) stories. Ditto Allen L Wold. In some cases, this is because we used to sell said author’s works; in others, it’s because we plan to sell said author’s works at some future point. Either way, they deserve a place where a CV of their writing is collected and linked properly!

Just to further complicate matters**, some of the folks listed on our Pack Page are linked to their own web sites, not to a page on our site. Gail Z Martin, for instance, doesn’t really need our help gathering her CV in one place!

Our next event is Con-Gregate. Come on out and see us there!

*We used to have a dedicated sales page. Alas, that had to be dropped as the ROI inverted. So now we try to supply direct links, but you’ll probably have to search specifically for [book name] [ scribbling lion] to find our listing for said item. Very awkward. Very annoying. We may return to selling books directly through our site in 2019, but realistically, Amazon is the way things get sold these days.

**Hey, we said we’re ferocious, not organized!