Stop Looking At Others: Steven Savage

This first appeared on The Writing of a Wisoker  on the Loose in January 2012.

Now and then Leona comments on how much I write (being kind enough to understand I get a bit behind here). Of course I admire her drive and energy (and the ability to get published). I’m sure there are plenty of writers that you think well of.

Stop thinking well of others and thinking about what they’re doing right.

I want you to ask what’s admirable about you and your writing. Go on–right now–take a piece of paper (that stuff we used before computers, made from mashed trees), and spend five minutes writing down what makes you and your writing stand out. Write down the big and the small, the major and the minor.

I’m sure you found something. Maybe several somethings. Maybe a lot of somethings. Either way, I’m sure you’ve got at least a little on that list.

These items are what make you great, and it’s time you pay attention to them.

It’s easy to pay attention to the virtues of others. In many cases, it’s a good idea: they’ll help you grow, inspire you, and help you find role models. The virtues of others has its place.

But it’s easy to forget what we are truly good at — or even potentially good at.

So I want you to appreciate what you’re good at.

When you do that, you:

  • Develop your special traits and abilities.
  • Appreciate how you can help others.
  • Leverage what you have — you may have all you need to move your writing to the next level.
  • Overcome those moments you feel down about yourself.
  • Avoid being distracted by what other people can do.
  • Find out what you can share with others.

So, take a moment, stop looking at other authors — look at yourself.

What are you good at? What are your special traits? Let us know — we might want to ask you a few questions!

Steven Savage 2014

Steven Savage in his own words:

I’m Steven Savage, and I am Geek 2.0.

OK … that sounds either pretentious or obscure, and I try not to be either too much.  So what do I mean by Geek 2.0?

Geek 2.0 is a lifestyle.  It’s about taking the geeky values of technology, knowledge, creativity, and media as far as possible. It’s a way of life – and a way of contributing to society.

I believe in taking Geekiness farther – into the next iteration, into 2.0.

Steven Savage is the author of the Fan to Pro blog and books (Unlocking Career Insights With Your HobbiesConvention Career Connection; Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers; Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists, and Careers; Inhuman Resources; and Progeek Rising), has his own web site, and incidentally is the mind behind the popular Seventh Sanctum site. He also writes for Nerd Caliber and Comics Bulletin.