Authors To Look Up

Below is an ever expanding list of authors the Scribbling Lion has directed us to recommend, with links to their web sites when available. Many of these are fantasy writers, but there are spiritual and non-fiction authors scattered throughout. We’re planning an update to add details to each name; look for that to go up by July August Septemmmmmber….???

Ackley McPhail, Danielle

Anne Perry

Bolander, Brooke

Bryant, Samantha

Carriger, Gail

Charles, KJ

Connolly, Sheila

Doyle, Tom

Ettrich, Sarah

Freeman, A. A.

Hardinge, Frances

Harris, Joanne M.

Jansson, Tove

Kennedy, Darin (link to Falstaff Books page for The Mussorgsky Riddle)

Khaw, Cassandra

Killjoy, Margaret

Kimberling, Nicole

Kingfisher, T (aka Ursula Vernon)

Lancaster, A.J.

Lyons, Jenn

Mardoll, Ana

Martin, Gail Z

McGuire, Seanan

Milan, Courtney

Morris Jr., Edward

Norfolk, Allison (author page on Amazon)

Novik, Naomi

Oluo, Ijeoma

Pinsker, Sarah

Polk, C.L.

Pritchett, Angela

Risen, Alexandra

Savage, Stephen

Sim, Tara

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth

Valente, Catherine M.

Wade, Angela P

Wells, Martha

Whitley, Jeremy

Wold, Allen