Authors To Look Up

Below is an ever expanding list of authors the Scribbling Lion has directed us to recommend, with links to their web sites when available. Many of these are fantasy writers, but there are spiritual and non-fiction authors scattered throughout.

*Specific books read by the Lion are noted after each name.

Ackley McPhail, Danielle (Bad-Ass Fairy Tales series; anthologies; short stories)

Allen, Becky (Bound by Blood and Sand)

Anne Perry (William Monk series)

Bolander, Brooke (The Only Harmless Great Thing; short stories)

Bryant, Samantha (Menopausal Superheroes series; short stories)

Carriger, Gail (Parasol Protectorate series; short stories)

Charles, KJ (The Rat-Catchers Daughter)

Connolly, Sheila (Orchard Mystery series)

Doyle, Tom (American Craftsmen; Wizard of Macatawa; more)

Ettrich, Sarah (Salbine’s Embrace)

Freeman, A. A. (The Worth of Hair)

Hardinge, Frances (A Face Like Glass; The Lie Tree; Skinful of Shadows; more)

Harris, Joanne M.(The Testament of Loki)

Jansson, Tove (Everything Moomin, The Summer Book)

Kennedy, Darin (link to Falstaff Books page for The Mussorgsky Riddle) (Mussorgsky Riddle; Tchaikovsky Finale)

Khaw, Cassandra (Rupert Wong; Hammers on Bone)

Killjoy, Margaret (Danielle Cain series; short work)

Kimberling, Nicole (Grilled Cheese and Goblins)

Kingfisher, T (aka Ursula Vernon) (Almost everything)

Lancaster, A.J. (Lord of Stariel series)

Lyons, Jenn (The Ruin of Kings)

Mardoll, Ana (No Man of Woman Born)

Martin, Gail Z (Deadly Curiosities series)

McGuire, Seanan (Almost everything)

Milan, Courtney (Ms Martin’s Incomparable Adventure; The Governess Affair)

Morris Jr., Edward (Crooked Man, short works)

Norfolk, Allison (author page on Amazon) (Everything)

Novik, Naomi (Spinning SIlver; Uprooted)

Oluo, Ijeoma (So You Want to Talk About Race)

Painter, Sarah (The Night Raven; The Silver Mark)

Pinsker, Sarah (Sooner or Later, Everything Falls Into the Sea)

Polk, C.L. (Witchmark)

Pritchett, Angela (The Unofficial Dr Who Cookbooks, 1&2)

Risen, Alexandra (Unearthed)

Savage, Stephen (Fan to Pro)

Sim, Tara (Timekeeper series)

Thich Nhat Hanh (No Mud, No Lotus; Fear; Anger)

Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth (The Dark Fantastic)

Valente, Catherine M. (Almost everything)

Wade, Angela P (Edward Red Mage series)

Wells, Martha (Murderbot series)

Whitley, Jeremy (Raven Pirate Princess graphic novels)

Wold, Allen (A Closet For A Dragon, Star God)