You Need To Know This Stuff. Really.

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Are you a writer? A geek? A techie? In business for yourself? A publisher? Travel a lot? A little bit of all of those things? Then read on, ’cause you need to know this stuff…

The Forbes Magazine article “Disruption 101 For Self-Publishers” offers some thought provoking observations about introducing digital publishing to a legacy business.

Speaking of publishing, Simon & Schuster is taking a run at the SFF market. More information on that here (at Publisher’s Weekly), and thanks to the Broad Universe newsletter for this tip. Will this be a good thing? TSL invites discussion on that question…

Jeff Mach’s latest venture, The Geek Creation Show, is one of the more exciting concepts we’ve seen lately. Scheduling conflicts did not allow us to attend the inaugural year of this event, but from all reports it was an extraordinarily well-done, fun time. We strongly suggest putting it on your calendar for 2014!Geek Creation Show

Speaking of things geeky, Steven Savage’s Muse Hack is always a great source of not only industry-relevant  information, but encouragement, advice, and support for geeks in general. Of particular note is a (relatively)  recent article, “Geek As Citizen: To Warn“, on the responsibilities that come along with being a modern geek. Other recent articles he’s found include one on The ‘Personal Brand’ Myth , HP’s plans to enter the 3D printing market, and Apple’s decision to offer its OS for free. If your needs are tuned more to the tech side of the geek road, TSL strongly recommends signing up for Muse Hack’s free newsletter.

For small business owners, there are some interesting applications showing up to make our lives easier. Tracking receipts has long been a nightmare for the best of us, and savvy folks out there have noticed. Check out Chase Card’s Jot Mobile App and Shoeboxed by way of example. Any others out there we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

For business owners who travel frequently, TripIt looks like a promising organizational tool. Do any of you folks use this, or something similar? TSL also notes that membership to AAA is an invaluable tool for frequent travelers/business owners. The discounts really add up fast, and in some cases are better than the convention rates at the host hotel! Likewise, if you qualify for AARP, that’s well worth the investment as well.

And finally, for fledgling business owners, we highly recommend looking up your local SCORE branch. This organization is composed of retired professionals from many different backgrounds, all volunteering their time and expertise to help you avoid the common mistakes and build your business on a solid foundation.

A Pawprint. Just Because.
A Pawprint. Just Because.

That’s enough for today–until next time, keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep going!


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