Writing Group Invitation

I’ve been running a small writer’s group called The Ink Stained Fellowship, based out of Williamsburg, VA. With the pandemic, we’ve moved to online meetings, which means I can throw open membership to a wider geographical area. Here’s what you need to know about the group:

  • Members are all seeking publication
  • The focus of the group is on science fiction, fantasy, and horror
  • Members need to be familiar with editing using Microsoft Word Track Changes
  • Members should be working on at least one project (slowly is fine, and given current chaos, this is largely a goal more than a requirement.)
  • Meetings are once a week, on Zoom, usually Sunday evenings at 7:30 (this may change soon)
  • Meetings are for catching up, reporting progress, and setting goals, not critiques
  • Projects for critique are generally loaded to our FB group, or emailed to individuals who express interest in critiquing that particular project. I’m open to video critiques, but right now scheduling coordinated time is tough for everyone, so this would have to be a one on one Zoom call.
  • There is a penalty for not meeting your self-selected goal each week, so choose with care! The penalty is: whatever money you can spare goes into a group kitty. If five dollars is painful for you, then that’s the amount to choose. If you only say ouch when you lose fifty dollars, then that’s the penalty. It’s entirely subjective. Every few months we vote on how to use the kitty. (Last use of the funds was to set up a professional Zoom account) Given that we’re not meeting in person anymore, funds can be sent via Paypal (A specific account for the group is on my To Do List.) (This is also, honestly, a very loose rule, and goes by the wayside frequently.)
  • Members (theoretically) submit presentations roughly once a month, written or spoken, on the intersection of one of our areas of interest and how to write about it. For example, I’ve presented on how to use plants and gardening to fill out your backdrop; another member has spoken on period clothing; another on ball jointed dolls. (Again, this is more of a goal than a requirement. Once stress levels drop across the board, we’ll get more serious on this and other points.)
  • Life is chaotic and time moves fast. You’re not going to get scolded for not living up to a set standard. This is a group focused on support and community, pushing each other to do more and do better, NOT faster.
  • I’m not going to put a hard limit on membership numbers right now, but I’d rather grow slowly, so I may only take one new person a week and see how that works out.
  • Sorry not sorry, no Trump supporters. My tolerance for that mindset has burned to the ground.

If that sounds appealing, contact me at writer@leonawisoker.com, or DM me via Twitter (@leonawisoker) and ask about joining the group!

See ya soon!