Wrapping It UP

UP as in UPDATE of course–we’ve got some sweet gifting of information for you in this post.  (Which is totally different from cutesy cat gifs. Trust us on this.)

First up, IS ANYONE HUNGRY? Because, yanno, this is the time of year when you’re dashing to and fro and suddenly realize ohhhhh carp, I forgot to eat breakfast–and had crackers for lunch–and I’m dizzy with hunger…. If you live in Oklahoma, I can’t help you, but if you’re local to Williamsburg, VA, might I suggest planning a stop over at Holy Mackerel? It’s a great restaurant…


Devo Spice "Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp"Moving away from yummies (although dang, thinking about HM is making me want to run over there right now for a bowl of that fabulous clam chowder!–focus, must focus!)… have you heard the latest information from Devo Spice? He’s apologizing–seriously, this is important*–because the first CD run of his new album Herp, Derp, Ya Don’t Sterp wasn’t up to his satisfaction, so he’s ditching that first batch and re-running them. Digital copies are perfectly fine, it’s just the CDs that are a problem. Since TSL doesn’t handle digital merchandise at the moment, that means we’re going to send you over to Devo’s Bandcamp page for this one.

EVEN MORE EXCITING than the re-issue of a bad album batch (I know, that one had you on the edge of your seat already, didn’t it?)–

–wait a sec. Are you a Dr. Who fan? If not, skip this bit, because it might just bore you to tears. Dr. Who fans who also happen to be Devo Spice fans, however, will very likely get all squeaky excited over this next item:

The sun randomly implodes–then returns to normal the next day. Who can figure out what the hell causes something that bizarre? The Doctor, of course. And it airs on Christmas Day…  of course!

No, no, it’s not a new BBC episode. It’s actually a Dr. Who Audio Drama. And Devo is going to be a part of the episode! (Yes, I’m squeaking as I type this. My chair needs to be oiled. And my coffee cup is running low. And this is SO COOL.) Devo will play the part of Emilo, one of the people the Doctor encounters as he tries to figure out WTF is going on. Follow the crazy vortex lines to listen to the episode (currently a teaser sample) here.

* Why is this actually important? Because Devo is developing a tradition of insanely cool CD packages for his albums. This particular one comes with an activity book and sticker sheet, for the love of weirdness! It is definitely, definitely worth checking out the physical version of this one. Besides–look: Devo is apologizing. In public. Come on, we have to tweak his nose about that, don’t we? Yeah. So there you go.


Moving on to one of our quietest colleagues, Jonah Knight, we want to point out all the interesting crazy stuff he’s been building in his basement lab….errrr…..we mean, the important and deeply interesting research he’s been working on. He’s moved away from music (his last official show was at ConCarolinas in May 2014) and into a different arena: nutrition and exercise. He launched a new site some time back, Eating — Moving — Living, and he’s busily debunking commonly held misconceptions and flat out food myths. He’s a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer, and he’s giving away free training sessions to the lucky few who grab the chance right now. (The chance expires TOMORROW. Our bad for posting this so late in the day. But if you really really want this, and you ask really really nice, maybe we’ll intervene for you and ask Jonah to make an exception. No harm in asking…right?)

If you howled in dismay at the notion of never seeing Jonah perform live again, don’t despair–he WILL be at MarsCon of Williamsburg in January 2015! So all you have to do is be at that fabulous convention…err, the hotel is sold out, and the overflow hotels are creaking at the seams… and parking will be difficult if you’re commuting in each day… BUT IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT. Because Jonah is not only performing, he’s hosting yoga sessions Saturday and Sunday at MarsCon! He’ll be bringing some yoga mats with him–but if you have your own, please do bring it! Previous yoga experience is not required to participate. (h/t to Suanne Brady for the majority of the wording on that one, which was stolen straight from the MarsCon Facebook group post.)


Speaking of MarsCon of Williamsburg–you do know about the Blind Date With A Book Program that The Scribbling Lion is sponsoring this year? Owner Leona Wisoker is in charge of the project, which is part of the grandly popular Charity Auction. Every year MarsCon raises a bucketful of money for the puppies and kitties over at Heritage Humane Society. We’re hoping that the BDWAB will boost the bucket to the next size level. Check out the current list of contributors here. The list will be updated as more contributor copies arrive in our inventory.

MarsCon of Williamsburg, VA


Aaaaand speaking of Leona Wisoker…. just a quick reminder that her Children of the Desert eBooks are once more available, this time through ReAnimus Press. Wander over and check them out–they’re just like the old ones. (Although the infamous smiley face in Secrets of the Sands should be gone at this point…)

Item no. two on Wisoker news: we are in the final stages of producing the novella Fallen City, which is a supplement to the Children of the Desert series. We’ve missed our self-imposed Dec. 20 deadline for this project, and we’re very very annoyed about that–but not in the least surprised. Our new deadline is before New Year’s Eve… which is actually attainable, we think. It’s that close… Here, have some cover art while you’re waiting, courtesy the indomitable Mike McPhail:

Fallen City ebook cover art

And here’s a back-cover blurb:

Deiq of Stass -– a human-ha’rethe crossbreed called a ha’ra’ha –- is worshiped as a demigod. He is immune to human laws, largely indifferent to human wants and needs. He seeks only to amuse himself –- usually by stirring up trouble amongst the humans.

But being all-powerful becomes boring, and spending so much time around the humans is changing his view on the insignificance of these frail, short-lived creatures. Ignoring the disapproval of his ha’rethe kin, Deiq pursues a new challenge: to breed a stronger, more telepathically sensitive line of humans that can bear his children without dying.

He should have stuck with being an arrogant demigod….

We have a page up with an excerpt of Fallen City for your enjoyment!

Side note from Leona: this is so freaking weird and exciting and fun!!! and scary….but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the story enough to make all this mad crazy learning curve worth it!


Enough updating for now. Let the last minute frenzied gift shopping begin!!

Happy holidays and may your world be filled with only the best things for the following 72 hours! (Hey, we like our limits, and perfection is ultimately boring.)