Winding Down The Year…

It’s been a long and chaotic year, folks. And at the end of it, we’re reasonably sane, mostly healthy, grieving for a few good friends lost along the way, still crazy excited to tell you about great writers, artists, and musicians … and out of funds.

It’s been an expensive lesson in what not to do with building a small business. We’ve tried this, that, and the other, and for various reasons it just didn’t work out the way we’d hoped. So as of the end of 2015, The Scribbling Lion is scaling down a bit–not closing! not quite yet!–and turning its focus more towards being a review/news blog than a shop. The store will remain open, and we’ll still run “alley tables” at whatever conventions and fairs we can manage in 2016; but we won’t be investing in dealer room tables this coming year.

This change isn’t at all a bad thing, and TSL hasn’t been a failure by any means. We’ve accomplished a large part of what we set out to do (introducing fabulous creatives to a wider audience, supporting and encouraging said creatives in their own careers, constantly learning and exchanging ideas); it’s just been more expensive and much more exhausting than we anticipated. Taking a step back, recalculating, letting the field lie fallow for a year and tackling promotions again in 2017 will be a relief for all concerned.

Leona’s focus is going to be on her writing, on getting the final book in the Children of the Desert series done and out. She’ll be self-publishing at least two, maybe more, items through The Scribbling Lion in 2016: side stories, novellas, collections, odd projects she’s had bouncing around in her head that she’d like to get out into print but that wouldn’t be trad-pub viable. And she’s going to be posting here more often, as well–talking about books, about news, about trends and shifts in the SFF/creative community (have you heard about the lawsuit Peter Beagle is filing against Connor Cochran, for example? That’s got all sorts of nasty drama written all over it…do try to stay out of the Reddit threads when looking it up, though, that’s only ever a surreal time-waster).

In the meanwhile, please do take a moment, right now–make a list of three of your favorite small-time authors, artists, and/or musicians, and send them a thank you note. Buy one of their creations, if you can. Drop them a line on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads, if you’re broke. Write a review of their work. It matters so very, very much, in so many aspects and angles!

And stick around. This ride ain’t done yet. We’re just slowing it down a bit to catch our breaths. 🙂