Unique Gift Ideas…

other than the stuff we already sell…. because where’s the fun in constantly flogging our own stock?

Um. That didn’t sound quite right somehow….

What Kings Are and Wizards DrankWell, never mind–take a look at the following ideas that might just surprise and please those strange and wonderful creative people in your life.

What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank is a terrific suggestion from the magnificently creative Leila Gaskin (author of Hot Flashes). We haven’t read it yet, but the title puts us in mind of another book that we have read and appreciate, What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew. Oh, and let’s not forget the terrific research resource of The Worst Jobs In History by Tony Robinson!

If you know any spec-fic writers who are just getting started, a lovely free gift would be to suggest they visit Magical Words, which offers writing advice posts by such utterly amazing writers as David B. Coe and Misty Massey (both of whose books, by the way, would also make excellent gifts for any spec-fic readers on your gift list. Their blogs are also worth reading…just sayin’).

The Worst Jobs in HistoryIf you have friends who like to go to SF conventions, might we suggest buying them a membership to MarsCon of Williamsburg? It’s becoming more and more of a smash hit every year! Membership and hotel rooms are very reasonably priced; pop on over to the MarsCon Facebook page and you should be able to find everything you need to know about MarsCon quite easily. We also recommend RavenCon of Richmond and Mysticon of Roanoke, locally; they are wonderful folks and work very hard to put together an amazing production every year!

(Of course there are other fantastic conventions out there. But we’re not going to list all of them in one post, because: boring!)

Are your friends starting up a business–or are they writers/artists/musicians that really need to be handing out business cards at networking events? Steer them over to VistaPrint. (Unfortunately VistaPrint does not offer gift certificates, which is a huge bummer, but we’re sure you creative types can figure out a way around that. Right?)

That’s enough for now. (Gotta avoid that boring!)  Leave your suggestions in the comments box below!

(Please, avoid self-promotional stuff. Think of cool, low-cost to free gifts that aren’t from your stock, in keeping with the spirit of this post. Thanks!)

What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens KnewUntil next time, keep laughing, keep creating, keep living la vida de leon! 😀