Sha'Daa: PAWNS

Sha’Daa Series

Once every ten thousand years, the walls between worlds grow thin. The stars align and Hell is close. It is the time of the SHA’DAA.

Created by Michael H Hanson, the Sha’Daa series riffs on this basic premise, adding a new angle with each anthology. The first book in the series, Tales of the Apocalypse, is a straightforward horror assembly. The following books each carry a new twist: PAWNS, for example, is written from the point of view of the demons, many of whom have settled into human day to day life and aren’t actually all that interested in helping their brethren break through the portal. In FACETS , each story is set within a tightly restricted time and geographical frame, and revolves around demonically infected gemstones, which have been broken apart for use in everything from jewelry to advanced microcircuits. INKED also operates within a restricted space, and each story pivots on a magical tattoo.

Leona R Wisoker has short stories in PAWNS and INKED.




Last Call





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