Pseudonym Key For Diversity Interviews

After some thought and consultation with the various interviewees, we decided it was best to use pseudonyms to allow everyone to speak as freely and openly as possible. I’ve further decided to pull the demographic identifying bits over to a separate page. If you haven’t read all the interviews yet, please do that first; I think you’ll benefit by coming into the information without preset notions based on race, gender, and orientation.

This list will be updated as more participants join the discussion.

So, then, here’s the labels the interviewees feel comfortable using about themselves:

Hawk: Black, cis-male, heterosexual

Black Cat: African-American, cis-female, pan-sexual

Gizmo Girl: Black Female, 46

Harold Zwick: Straight white male

Edgar Mortis:  Bi White/Native cis male, and a proud American With A Disability

Midge: white, genderqueer, and queer