Free Fiction!

Now and again, we discover samples, excerpts, or even entire stories worth pointing out. Most are hosted by other sites.


Cassandra Khaw:

Apathetic Goblin Nightmare Woman (poem)

I Built This City For You (entire story)


Frances Hardinge:

A Face Like Glass (excerpt)


Tom Doyle:

While Ireland Holds These Graves (entire story)

American Craftsmen (excerpt)


Danny Birt:

Between a Roc and a Hard Place (excerpt)


Darin Kennedy:

The Mussorgsky Riddle (excerpt)


Leona R. Wisoker:

Secrets of the Sands (excerpt)

Guardians of the Desert (excerpt)

Bells of the Kingdom (excerpt)

Fires of the Desert (excerpt)

Servants of the Sands (draft excerpt)

Fallen City (excerpt)

A Giant Mistake (entire story)

Silver and Iron (excerpt)

Leftovers (excerpt)

Shadows of the Infinite (excerpt)

Dragon Child (excerpt)

More to come, so please check back soon!

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