Cover art for The Lie Tree

Frances Hardinge

The best way to introduce Frances Hardinge is in her own words:

Frances Hardinge is a writer who wears a black hat. Notoriously unphotographable, she is rumoured to be made entirely out of velvet. Sources close to Frances who prefer not to be named suggest that she has an Evil Twin who wears white and is hatless. This cannot be confirmed.

Frances grew up in an old house in rural Kent, England where the wind wuthered. She has always liked dark stories – when she was six, she wrote a short story that included an attempted poisoning, a faked death and a villain being thrown off a cliff – all in just one page! Later she read English at Oxford University amid medieval towers and gargoyle-strung chapels.

For the rest of her bio, please visit the Observatory on her web site.


2008: Fly By Night (reprinted 2017)

2009: The Lost Conspiracy

2011: Fly Trap (Sequel to Fly By Night, released as Twilight Robbery in the UK)

2015: The Lie Tree

2016: The Cuckoo Song

2017: A Skinful of Shadows

2016, 2017: A Face Like Glass (Interestingly, this one appears to have come out in trade paper first, then in hardcover.)