Blurbs: Edward R. Morris

What other professional authors have said about Edward Morris’s work so far:

“Edward Morris is a fearless writer, expanding the boundaries of what is possible with the weird. Read him.” — Jeff VanderMeer

Edward Morris uses words the way Miles Davis used notes.” —Trent Zelazny

On breakout alternate-history novella Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Interzone magazine’s first ever “web extra”:

“Edward Morris is the original Mashup Man — except that he plays with history and reality and fiction, rather than chords. Reading his Journey to the Center of the Earth is like listening to Donald Fagen turn a Jules Verne story into a bop threnody. Unbeatable!”


On breakout Horror novella “Lotophagi”:

“Excellent. Dense. Psychedelic. The kind of story you want to read twice.” —Laird Barron

(Originally appeared in Farrago’s Wainscot, Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2 , and Jeff & Ann Vandermeer’s ODD?!? #1.)

On new novel I AM LESION (publication under negotiation):

 “Edward Morris’s I AM LESION is a lyrical, bardic, oneiric odyssey through the brokenly cheerful, angrily impossible lives of an immense posse of outcasts whose science-fictional existences defy all damnations and social strictures. If William Burroughs were alive today as a nineteen-year-old writer of Bizarro Fiction, he’d still have to cede the crown to Morris.”  —Paul Di Filippo

 On THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN (Sci-Fi Horror series/meganovel, also in negotiation):

 “Edward Morris’s remarkable, stone force novel falls into the post-WWII canon of great post-apocalyptic science fiction. It stands with EARTH ABIDES, NO BLADE OF GRASS or LOT and when you stand with Stewart, Christopher and Ward Moore you are standing on sacred ground.The post-apocalypse school of science fiction, it has been speculated, is a metaphor for our present. The seared landscape and shaken polity of our time can best be grasped through a subcategory of fiction which holds at its heart the dirtiest kind of realism. THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN is a terrifying, masterfully written,unforgiving precis of an unbearable present become an unbearable future and Morris serves this as well as any writer of our time. His landscape is gutted, his vision soars.” —Barry N. Malzberg, SFWA Grand Master


“Doc Smith’s Lensman books were once dubbed THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION. But I’m afraid that grand and ambitious overarching description has been boldly ripped out of Doc Smith’s cold, cold hands by Edward Morris with his wild-eyed opus, THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN. Replete with scores of unforgettable characters and scenes, the book rampages across space and time with a take-no-prisoners bad attitude. Formalistically daring and esthetically subtle, full of pyrotechnics and epiphanies, it’s what you might get if you mashed up Alfred Bester’s THE STARS MY DESTINATION with Robert Wilson’s JULIAN COMSTOCK, Neal Barrett’s THROUGH DARKEST AMERICA and its sequel DAWN’S UNCERTAIN LIGHT, and H. P. Lovecraft’s THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE–then had Jodorowsky film the result! Nothing like it on the planet!” — Paul Di Filippo


“It is an honor to have lived and worked long enough to have other writers riffing on my work the way you riff on THE GUNS OF THE SOUTH in your THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN 4: BIRTH OF A NATION.”—Harry Turtledove


“Edward Morris is either a documented genius or a certifiable madman, and based on THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN I am putting my money on the former.” —Richard Lupoff

“Mr. Morris comes not to destroy my old tropes; indeed, quite the reverse.” –Ramsey Campbell, from the Afterword of THE CHILDREN OF GLA’AKI: TRIBUTE STORIES TO RAMSEY CAMPBELL Dark Regions Press, 2017