Edward R. Morris

Edward Morris with his daughter Fern
Edward Morris with his daughter Una.

Edward Morris’s short fiction has been translated into Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Japanese, and has appeared in over 140 worldwide markets since his first pro sale to Interzone magazine in 2005. (“Imagine”, Interzone #200) His work has appeared in INTERZONE, ELLEN DATLOW”S BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2, THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMER, THE ARKHAM DETECTIVE AGENCY, THE CHILDREN OF GLA’AKI, and numerous other markets.

He was nominated for the 2011 Pushcart Prize in Literature, the 2009 Rhysling Award and the 2005 British Science Fiction Association Award.

Morris currently has three big novels/series, THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN, BLACKGUARD and I AM LESION sitting at major indie publishers. NEW: CROOKED MAN has SOLD to Broken Eye Books!

Click here to see blurbs about Morris’s work from names like Trent Zelazny, Paul di Filippo, and Laird Barron.

He is a bouncer, born-again Pagan and proud father who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He also enjoys the visual arts, live music and comedy, gardening …and, frankly, writing every time he’s not doing something else.

His blog, Leaning Toward This Machine‘, will be returning soon.

NEW: More sales in progress! We’ll post the info here as soon as it’s public.


Literary Works of Edward R. Morris, perpetually In Progress:

The below links were provided by Edward R Morris. Some are affiliate links.




FLESH TRADE (post-Space Opera novel)

Grand Mal Press, 2017



Malaguena Dolorosa” in The Audient Void #4 Obadiah Baird, ed.

“Godlike” (SciFi novella concerning the Mayan Codexes) SciFanFic.com  [recently defunct]



Lebor Gabala Erenn (The Book Of Invaders)” in The Starry Wisdom Library, PS Publishing, 2014. Pedersen, Nate, ed.

(*Prof. Pedersen and I also have a forthcoming similar auction-catalog entry concerning formerly classified FBI documents pursuant to a raid spearheaded by ‘super G-Man’ Melvin Purvis on the Esoteric Order of Dagon Hall, Innsmouth, Ma.; Sept. 1928-May 1929. Stay tuned to this channel on your A.M. dial for further bulletins from the Civil Defense, and this station…)



A Cold Yellow Moon (King In Yellow novella) in The Lovecraft Ezine, and included in: Pulver, Joseph S. TALES OF THE KING IN YELLOW, VOLUME 1 (*only non-entirely-Pulver story in the collection), Lovecraft Ezine Press, 2015

The Resplendent Troswoman Below, Graphic Novella in DIM SHORES  (Sam Cowan, et. al , eds.), Cover art by Steve Santiago, Interior art by Greg Chapman, Dave Felton, Nick Gucker, and Brendan O’Connell.


WITH RICHARD STANLEY (Film Director; “Hardware,” “The Mother Of Toads”, et.al)

Magna Mater” in WORLD WAR CTHULHU, Dark Regions: 2015  Barass, Glynn Owen, and Sammons, Brian M., eds.



City Song” in Dark Visions 2, Grey Matter Press. Lawson, Sharon and Rivera, Anthony, eds.



“Fridocha” and “I Drove All Night” originally appeared in Pulp Spirit, Shelby Vick, ed.

“Hair of the Dog” originally appeared as “Wilki Między Owce” (‘Wolves Among Sheep’) in Nowa Fantastyka #6, ed. by Paweł Ziemkiewicz, translated by Rafał Mączyński; [in Polish] and as Hair of the Dog” in English in Murky Depths #2 (2006), by Terry Martin. Copyright © 2006, 2011 by Edward R. Morris.

“Rejection Letter” and “One Night In Manhattan” (“Rejection Letter” originally appeared in Aeon #17, Bridget McKenna, ed., and the Aeon Farewell Anthology.) BIG PULP , Summer-Autumn 2010 Olver, Bill, ed. One Night In Manhattan” was nominated for the 2011 Pushcart Prize In Literature.

“Grunt”; “Dolly”; “Wir Atomkinder”: Published together as “Frankenstein Triptych” in Ross E. Lockhart’s ETERNAL FRANKENSTEIN, Word Horde, 2016

“Grunt”; “Dolly”; “I Once Was Lost”; and “Stroke Of Mercy”: appeared in PERIHELION SF,  Belotto, Sam, ed. ca. 2015, Autumn. Archived here.

“Nine-Tenths of the Law” and “First Aid” originally appeared in Murky Depths #3 and #4, Martin, Terry , ed.

And The Hunter, Home From The Hillin Ominous Realities, Grey Matter Press, 2015, Rivera, Anthony and Lawson, Sharon eds.

Beast: A Fable For Children in Trent Zelazny’s MIRAGES, 2012

“Blue Monday” originally appeared in Bewildering Stories #208 (2006), ed. by Don Webb. [*Story is no longer in the archive]

“Blood & Guts In High School” originally appeared in LEGACY OF THE REANIMATOR, Chaosium, 2015. Rawlik, Peter, ed.

“By the Rivers of Babylon” originally appeared in Polluto #6, Adam Lowe and Chris Kelso, eds,

“The Cat Inside” originally appeared in Coyote Wild, December 2006, ed. by MacAllister Stone [*defunct; great zine, great editor]

“Game Over” originally appeared in All Possible Worlds #2 (2006), ed. by Jason Champion; and was reprinted in Once Upon a Future: The Third Borgo Press Book of Science Fiction Stories, ed. by Robert Reginald, Wildside Press, 2011.

“Get Off Your Knees, I’m Not Your God”  originally appeared in Through A Mythos Darkly, Chaosium Books, 2016, Sammons, Brian M., ed.

“Go East, Young Man, Go East!” originally appeared online at Everyday Weirdness, Aug. 27, 2009

“Gregor” in Galaktika  [in Hungarian] and The Red Penny Papers [out of print/website defunct]

“Half-Sick Of Shadows” originally appeared in Imperial Youth Review #4, Kelso, Chris and Lowe, Adam, eds.

“The Happiness Machine” in RESONATORS. Martian Migraine Press, 2016

“I Am Stretched On Your Grave” originally appeared in Through The Eyes of the Undead, Lefora Press, Essig, Robert, ed


”If Company Should Come” originally appeared in DUNHAM’S DOES LOVECRAFT, Dunhams Manor Press, 2017. Krall, Jordan, ed.

If I Went Crazy Now, Would You Still Call Me Superman?originally appeared in Bewildering Stories #215 (2005) Webb, Don, ed.

“Imagine” originally appeared in Interzone #200 (September/October, 2005), Cox, Andy and deVries, Jetse, eds. Finalist for the 2005 British Science Fiction Association Award, Best Short Story.

“Infamy” originally appeared in Oceans of the Mind,  Summer 2006, Freeborn, Richard, ed.; and in The Worlds Of Philip José Farmer, Croteau, Michael, ed., Meteor House

“I Will Refuse” originally appeared in The Imperial Youth Review, issue 1 (UK) Dog Horn Publishing. Lowe, Adam; Kelso, Chris and Cook, Garrett, eds.

Jihad Over Innsmouth” originally appeared in 3LBE #16, Fuller, Andrew, ed.; THE BOOK OF CTHULHU, Lockhart, Ross, ed., Dark Regions Press, 2011; Podcast: PSEUDOPOD #106

“The Last Night On Earth” in RETURN OF THE OLD ONES, Sammons, Brian, ed. Dark Regions Press, 2016

Lullaby originally appeared in MIGHTY IN SORROW (A Tribute to Current 93); Krall, Jordan, ed.  Copeland Valley Press


“The Monsters Are Due In Mayberry” released as a limited edition chapbook from Dunham’s Manor Press. Krall, Jordan, ed., and in A BREATH FROM THE SKY Martian Migraine Press

“Mysterious Ways” originally appeared in The Harrow, January 2006; Pagliasotti , Dru & Colangelo, Michael, eds. [*Defunct; loved the magazine, though]

“News on the March” originally appeared in War Of The Worlds: Frontlines, Schnarr, J. W., ed.

“On the Air” in Heliotrope #1 (2005); Tomio, Jay, ed. [*defunct] [Amusing entry in the SF Encyclopedia]

Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God” podcast on CAST MACABRE. (archived) Northern, Barry, ed.

 “Tekeli-Li!” in BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Celaeno Press, 2015

“The Theatre & Its Double” in A SEASON IN CARCOSA ; Lynch, Tom, ed. Miskatonic River Press, 2013 [press is defunct, absorbed by Chaosium]

“To Soothe the Savage Beast”  in SAVAGE BEASTS,; Lawson, Sharon and Rivera, Anthony, eds. Grey Matter Press, 2013

“To Walk The Night” originally appeared in Phantasmagorium #3; Pulver, Joseph S., ed.) [*Defunct, but…]

“Where Have You Been All My Life?” in ROSS LOCKHART’S TALES OF JACK THE RIPPER, Petaluma: Word Horde Press, 2013

“Who Killed The King Of Rock And Roll?” originally appeared inIN THE COURT OF THE YELLOW KING Celaeno Press, 2014  Barass, Glynn Owen, Ed.

Who Wants To Live Forever?” Dr. Who fanfic; website: ‘A Teaspoon & An Open Mind’

“Lucky Cat”, Withersin #1, Misty Gersley, Ed.

“Family Tradition” in THE ARKHAM DETECTIVE AGENCY: Tribute Stories to C.J. Henderson Portland: Dark Regions Press, 2017

A listing of blurbs can be found here.