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The Scribbling Lion Pack is, very simply, Folks Whose Writing and Music Leona Really Likes. Sometimes she sells their work. Other times she’s just pointing out someone fantastic.

All links lead to the individual’s Official Web Site, buy page, or the closest viable equivalent.

Noted with each name is work that is or has in the past been sold by The Scribbling Lion, and work that Leona highly recommends but that TSL has not, at this point, ever had in stock. All recommendations were personally read and highly enjoyed by Leona (and she has a massive reading backlog, so more will appear).

Please visit each person’s web site for a complete portfolio of their work.


scribblinglionessGravatarLeona R Wisoker (owner)

TSL has sold: Fallen City, A Small Price to Pay, Secrets of the Sands, Guardians of the Desert, Bells of the Kingdom, Fires of the Desert, Sha’Daa: Pawns, Cats In Space, Galactic Creatures.


Leona is understandably pleased with her own work and happily encourages you to check out the many free samples on this site to see if you’d like to buy the full book(s).


AllenWoldCropAllen Wold

TSL has sold: A Closet For A Dragon


Leona edited most of the stories in Closet For A Dragon, and found them absolutely wonderful. Allen also has over a dozen other books out at this point. Take a look at his bibliography and personal notes on several of those books.

Danny BirtDanny Birt

 TSL has sold: Otter-Teas, Od-Ditties, Warped Children’s Songs, Piano Petrissage, Narcoleptic Pianist, Between a Roc and a Hard Place

Danny’s books can be found on Amazon, of course. His music is available for digital download through iTunes.

Leona considers Danny to be one of the funniest filkers she’s ever met. She highly recommends everything he’s ever recorded, including the latest, Songs Of My People: Let Me Sing You Them.

 Gail Z. MartinGail Z. Martin

TSL has sold: Ice Forged, Deadly Curiosities, Iron & Blood

Highly recommended: All Deadly Curiosities stories

Gail is a versatile, highly talented writer who produces good books at an epic pace. If you’re looking for someone who will consistently deliver satisfying reading material multiple times a year, she’s the writer you want to follow.

Tom DoyleTom Doyle

TSL has sold: Wizard of Macatawa, American Craftsmen, The Left-Hand Way

Highly recommended: The Left-Hand Way

Tom Doyle is one of those out-of-nowhere-overnight-success-after-years-of-hard-work stories. He has an absolutely lovely gift for pacing, plot, description, and for balancing action-adventure with history and surrealism. If you like military and magic stories done right, the Craftsmen books are most definitely a series for you.

Jonah KnightJonah Knight

TSL has sold: Exploration of Dangerous Places, Ghosts Don’t Disappear, A Creepy Christmas

Highly recommended: Nobody Gets The Girl

Jonah is a complicated guy. He’s not satisfied with being a fabulous songwriter, singer, and performer. No, he’s also a personal trainer, nutrition teacher, and health coach. Oh–and lately he’s started working as a screenwriter/ producer at Cellar 13 Films in CA. Take a look at his Other Lives page for links.

Devo SpiceDevo Spice

TSL has sold: I Am The Doctor, Gnome Sane?, Sudden Death: Fatal Error

Highly recommended: Gnome Sane?

Devo Spice is a comedy rapper who specializes in live shows against a backdrop of synchronized videos and animations. His performances are an absolute must see, and his music is like nothing else Leona has ever heard. In fact, Devo, by filking rap songs, actually persuaded Leona to go look up the originals and she now appreciates the genre much more than she’d thought possible. (Devo’s versions are better, though.)


Steven Savage 2014 Steven Savage

TSL has sold: Fan to Pro: Leveling Up Your Career Through Your Hobbies


Highly recommended: Just go visit Steven Savage’s web site. There’s so, so much to point at.


Steven Savage is another one of those insanely prolific folks. He writes, he codes, he teaches, he self-publishes, he games, he … look. Just go visit his site already.


ZachSteeleZachary Steele

TSL has sold: Anointed, Flutter

Highly recommended: Flutter

Zach is a unique character with immense energy. His most recent project is the Broadleaf Writers Association, “an organization dedicated to the craft of writing”. Past projects include The Adventures of Ducky Thomas and a hilarious set of videos about working in a bookstore.


More will post as soon as Leona gets through her backlog. Thanks for your patience! 😀


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