Talking About Conventions….

I’m getting geared up for two conventions in November: AtomaCon and ChessieCon. Those will be the only remaining conventions I’ll be at, as a writer or as The Scribbling Lion, this year. I’m probably going to try for a few convention tables as The Scribbling Lion next year, because I’m too stubborn to quit, but all of December and January I’ll be at home, recovering from the weirdness the last half of 2015 has dumped on me and my family. There are folks I need to spend real time with (outside of convention stress environment) and a whooooooole lot of writing projects to nail down and kick out the door. Including blog posts both here and at my author web site.

I am currently wrangling new inventory for TSL’s store as we speak. I’ve had some really wonderful conversations with folks recently, and found a whole bunch of great names to talk about and boost. The amount of stock and the prices for said stock will depend entirely on what kind of reseller/bulk discount I can wrangle,Β  since I am trying to make a profit here these days… πŸ™‚ At the very least, though, I plan to have a printed list available at the table with a bunch of suggestions for awesome stuff to read, even if I can’t personally offer it for sale.

I also have a really exciting new addition coming to my sales tables: I can sell you ebooks! Well, sort of. What I’ll have on offer are called SnapBooks. They’re the brainchild of my current publisher, Andrew Burt of ReAnimus Press, and I think it’s a freaking brilliant concept. I have all of my books set up as Snapbooks, and I have a few other books I love set up that way as well. So you’ll be able to come to the table, use your smartphone to zap a QR code, and get that ebook in seconds–as opposed to taking a flyer, losing the flyer, and ultimately forgetting all about it by the time you get to a computer….like I said, it’s a fabulous idea. Come by the table and see it in action!

I will be accepting pre-orders for each convention, as always, and I highly encourage you to take advantage of that. Pre-ordering allows you to just pick up your purchase at the convention instead of having to haul money around with you; gives you more leisure time in which to consider your purchase; and means that instead of sitting around listening to me yabber on about the inventory on display, you can go enjoy the convention at large! It also lets me gauge how much stock to bring, which is no small decision when you’re dealing with twenty odd boxes of inventory…. so watch on Facebook, Twitter, and here on this blog for the announcement that pre-ordering for a given convention is open! πŸ™‚

A reminder: for locals in the Tidewater, Virginia area, I do offer local pickup options (meaning you don’t have to pay shipping–wooo!). I’m working with local small business Retro Daddio as a drop-off spot; if you haven’t stopped by that wonderland of geekery yet, you really, really need to. Jen is an absolutely amazingly sweet person, and her shop is just mind bogglingly chock full of cool stuff. I am trying to organize myself to set up a consignment shelf in a corner of her shop, but that … may not happen for a while yet, given the pending chaos of the next two months of my life. When I get to that project, I will definitely trumpet it all over FB and associated sites!

All right, that’s enough for now. I’m off to catch up on more of the To Do List scattered all over my desk and office…. πŸ™‚