Taking It Easy

…because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t write, sing, draw–whatever it is you love us for. So here’s the deal:

Most conventions listed on our events calendar will equate to us taking “time off” from The Scribbling Lion business (at least until we get someone able to “mind the store” in Leona’s absence, which–we hope–will be soon!). Orders placed during the range of two days before to two days after a convention will be filled starting the third day after any given convention; ditto on answering emails.

July and December are complete shutdown months for The Scribbling Lion. This will allow us all to catch up on household projects and family obligations (and our creative work!). We will continue to be available via email, Facebook, Twitter, and the usual social channels during this time, but the shop will be completely closed. Orders placed during July and December will be filled in August and January, respectively.

If we get sick or injured, we will take time off to recover.

We are going to be gentle with ourselves, because this entire business model is based on trying to maintain our sanity and our creative passion, rather than hurtling forward and burning out the way so many other people have done. We have no illusions that we offer products that are in the top five percent of Absolute Necessities, or even the top five percent of Trendy Coolness. We offer solidly crafted work from dedicated, talented folks, and we’re damn well going to keep them creating and crafting and imagining and envisioning for as long as we can.

We are in this for the long haul, not for a quick buck–we’re visionary, not delusional. 😀

So if you want fast and easy and cheap, go check out Amazon or eBay. But if you want to be part of a growing, thriving community–if you want to connect with and directly support authors, artists, musicians, and assorted crazy creative types–if you want to be on the front lines of changing models and innovative ideas–this is the place to hang out.

Grab a chair, settle in–and let’s talk about ways to be creative, professional, self-promote, and generally socialize without burning out. What boundaries do YOU set?