Status Update (yeah, boring title, I know)

I’d hoped to be back on my feet and relaunching the Lion by January. Well, it’s nearly mid-February and it’s still only midway down my priority list. That’s higher than it was a month ago, mind you! Even so, I’m moving a lot more slowly than expected on a few items.

The good news is that much of my time is currently invested in the final editing stages of the last book in the Children of the Desert series. I want that sucker off my desk and out to the publisher by June at the absolute latest. I’d prefer to have it out in print by my birthday (in July) .

I’m finally at a point with the various other projects on my desk that I can start picking at where the Lion is going over the coming year. With luck and grace and all that sort of thing, I’ll have the web store live again by the end of March. Maybe even sooner.

I have trimmed back on financial outlay, but very little of that should be visible on your end. I’m not going to spend money on the dot org and dot net domain names any more, and the secure certification has to go away. (I hate that. But GeoTrust is freaking EXPENSIVE when there’s no income to offset the outlay.)
Edit: I’ve decided to keep the GeoTrust for one more year. With luck it’ll pay off. 🙂

I also want to start getting rid of the inventory sitting around the house. It does me no good to have twenty boxes of stuff slowly getting older and older. So expect to see a huge push on the first four books of the Children of the Desert series as I get ready for the last one to go to press.

I’ll remind you again that I’m very active on Twitter–still very political!–but it’s probably the fastest way to get a hold of me if you have questions. 🙂

Be happy, be kind, and be creative!

Leona R Wisoker