Sneaky Stuff

Remember Devo Spice? That nutcase rap hip-hop filker? The one whose songs I routinely cannot get out of my head? Yeah. Him. Well, he’s running a Kickstarter for–of all things–creating a video game, Sneaky Monster, in collaboration with his son. Now hang on, before you wrinkle your nose up–I know that look, artist working with his kid, argh so twee–this is actually a really cool concept. Here’s a quote from the Kickstarter page:

In the game, you play as the as-yet-unnamed monster, and your job is to sneak into the various houses in the neighborhood, quietly make your way through the house, and scare the child who lives there.  If you make too much noise you will wake up the rest of the family and get kicked out of the house.  Get kicked out of three houses and you will be fired from your job.

There are 28 houses in the area you’ve been assigned to, each with one child to scare, and five pieces of candy hidden throughout the house.  Collect all five pieces to get the Candy bonus.  Make it through the house without making any noise at all and get a Silent Run bonus.  Achieve both, and it’s a perfect run.  But you have to be quick, as you have a limited amount of time to get through the house before the sun comes up and everyone wakes up.

I know Devo, and I know he’s hard-working, brilliantly creative, and gets stuff done. I think this game will be a lot of fun, and I’ve backed it myself. Check out the full campaign here, and if you can’t pledge even five bucks, spread the word to other folks who might be able to chip in. It’s a solid investment. Anything Devo Spice does always is!