If there’s a book coming out in the next few months,– like, say, Teresa Frohock’s CARVED FROM STONE AND DREAM — or one that we don’t have in our inventory right this moment — such as CATS IN SPACE — let us know and we’ll place an order for you!

Why is this better than ordering direct from the publisher? Well, in most cases, the author gets the same cut whether TSL sells it or the publisher sells it. The difference is that we’re a small bookstore with a limited inventory, and preordering helps US survive.

When we’re dealing with self-published authors like Angela P Wade and Allison Heinbaugh-Norfolk, though, preorders help THEM immensely. They have to decide how many copies to print, after all, and it’s an incredible morale boost to get preorders on a self-published project.

Also! We can quite possibly save you shipping costs, if you’re going to be at a convention along the East Coast shortly after placing your order. If we have a table, as we do at MarsCon of Williamsburg and RavenCon of same, we can have your order there ready to pick up at no extra cost to you! We also do local delivery via Retro Daddio’s of Williamsburg, and have a limited local delivery route between Richmond and Hampton Roads. Always ask — we’ll do our best to work with you!

So fill out the form below and tell us what title you want and where you want it sent or where you’d like to pick it up from. We’ll send you an invoice and get that book headed your way as fast as we can!