Return Policy

Our return policy is simple:

If you don’t like something you’ve bought from The Scribbling Lion, contact us within 30 days at and we will arrange a full cash-back return–


–that the item in question was not personalized in the autographing process. We can’t take back something made out “To Anna, Thanks for being so cool on that panel at DarkoverCon 2013!” (We’re sure you understand how bloody hard it is to resell such items.)

If it’s just a generic signature, and the item is in good shape, sure, we’ll take it back.  Here’s the process:

1. Contact us: is currently the best email to use for this purpose. Make sure “Return Request” is in the subject line, so that your email doesn’t get trapped in our spam filters. Tell us what item(s) you want to return, what you paid for it, and roughly when and where you bought it.  A copy of the receipt, or the receipt number, if available, is real handy here, but not required.

2. We will tell you where to ship the item(s) in question.

3. Once we receive the item(s) being returned, we will look them over and determine if they are resalable. If they are (reasonably good shape, not marked up/torn/personalized signature/broken), you get a 100% cash refund + shipping OR the equivalent in store credit to buy something else, as you like.

If there is something wrong with the returned item(s), meaning that we can’t even sell it at a reasonable discount, you get a 50% cash refund + shipping OR the equivalent in store credit, as above.

4. Be aware: returns are expensive. In practical terms, if we get a lot of returns, we’re in the red very quickly, and our wonderful vision will die awfully fast. So if we notice one person routinely returning their purchases, as per the kerfluffle over ebook returns, that person will be notified that they are no longer eligible to return their purchases.  We do not expect this to be a problem. We truly believe most people are honest and honorable. We will accept returns as generously and liberally as possible. But y’know, we just want to offer a realistic and fair warning.

Questions? Comments? Kudos? Complaints? Tell us all about it in the comments below, or send an email to

By the way–

If your comment is along the lines of “Amazon/B&N has a better return policy”, we can answer that right now:

Of course they do! Please, feel free to order through Amazon/B&N–and we list our inventory there as well! But be aware that most retailers are sending them back to the publisher or author–with additional fees tacked on–so the author is, one way or another, generally getting hit with fees for those returns. If you return items to us, whether through an Amazon or TSL web site purchase, the creator of said item isn’t impacted in the least, because we aren’t returning the item to the next person in the chain.  🙂

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