Dreaming & Dealing

We have a big dream going here at The Scribbling Lion. Just by reading these words, you have become part of that dream. (Please, don’t wake up!)

This isn’t a traditional business. It’s a mission–to spread the word about the goofy and the profound, the splendid silliness and the abstruse oddness that we discover along our meandering road. When you buy from The Scribbling Lion, you’re helping us invest in a whole bunch of wild & beautiful folks. You’re helping to keep creativity alive, in a small but very important way.

We buy from the creator–just a few copies at a time*. You buy from us at a minimal markup. We run out of that item and go find something new to surprise and delight you with***. Everyone wins.

Your purchase, your time, your interest, make that possible. If we don’t have anything in the store right now that tickles your interest? Don’t give up–inventory changes frequently around here. Be first in line for the latest wondrous treasures we’ve discovered; sign up to follow our blog.** And if you want to support the dream, drop some change in the donation bucket below. Every little bit helps with expenses and lets us bring you more excellence.

We will not sell, barter, trade, or abuse your contact information. We hate spam. We spend hours a week filtering it from our inboxes and tossing print ads into the circular file. Why would we do that to you?

Answer: We wouldn’t.

You’re smart, and passionate, and geeky, and curious. We celebrate and honor that. Now and again we may send out an email, just to check that you’re still around, because we only want viable addresses on our contact list.*

We won’t hassle you. We’ve got stuff to say. You don’t have to listen. Come on by whenever you feel like catching up–but be aware that if you wait too long, you’ll probably miss out on some limited time exciting stuff. (That’s not a sales pitch. That’s just reality.)

Wander round, enjoy your visit, and come back soon.

* As an introduction, you could say. We encourage you to check out each creative’s complete portfolio of work — we can’t possibly carry everything by a given author/artist!

** Please use an email address that you check regularly. It’s distressing to see someone sign up with a trashmail account. It’s demoralizing. It’s depressing. We won’t spam you. Promise.

*** TSL is currently open to queries! Check out the details here.

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