Winterglass | Sriduangkaew, Benjanun


This is one of the rare books that defy easy description. The back cover copy, in our opinion, misses the mark in conveying the sheer scale and magnificence packed within this slender volume.

There is love, and grief, and hatred; there are politics, and myth, and magic, and science. There is a woman trying to survive, embedding herself as a quasi-spy, who begins to fall in love with her target.

This author has an entirely distinctive voice and style; like most of Sriduangkaew’s work, readers will know within a page or two if this is a book they will love or hate. We encourage you to look at the sample chapter available through larger online bookstores before buying — hopefully from us!

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The city-state Sirapirat once knew only warmth and monsoon. When the Winter Queen conquered it, she remade the land in her image, turning Sirapirat into a country of snow and unending frost. But an empire is not her only goal. In secret, she seeks the fragments of a mirror whose power will grant her deepest desire.

At her right hand is General Lussadh, who bears a mirror shard in her heart, as loyal to winter as she is plagued by her past as a traitor to her country. Tasked with locating other glass-bearers, she finds one in Nuawa, an insurgent who’s forged herself into a weapon that will strike down the queen.

To earn her place in the queen’s army, Nuawa must enter a deadly tournament where the losers’ souls are given in service to winter. To free Sirapirat, she is prepared to make sacrifices: those she loves, herself, and the complicated bond slowly forming between her and Lussadh.

If the splinter of glass in Nuawa’s heart doesn’t destroy her first.

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