The Society For The Preservation of C.J. Henderson

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Leona R Wisoker, Danielle Ackley McPhail, John L. French, Patrick Thomas, and so many, many others were encouraged and occasionally booted firmly forward along their writing paths by C.J. Henderson. When C.J. fell ill and faced tremendous medical bills, Danielle, with her usual indomitable spirit, decided to create a fundraising anthology. This is that anthology. Funds are still being raised to this day, and are sent to C.J.’s family to help with ongoing expenses.

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Editors Danielle Ackley McPhail and Greg Schauer put it far better than we could.

From the official SFTPOCJH page:

On July 4th, 2014 the world lost CJ Henderson, an iconic author and all-around great guy. He lost his battle with cancer, but he did not go quietly and he will not be forgotten. His work is immortalized in over 70 novels and works of non-fiction, and at least as many collections, anthologies, and magazines. In fact, new works by CJ Henderson will publish for years to come thanks to his heroic efforts to finish and find homes for those projects as-yet unpublished at the time of his illness, two of which are printed here.

CJ always did what he could to give other authors a boost. Encouraging them, mentoring them, sending opportunities their way. With that in mind those of us who called him friend feel there is no better tribute we can raise in his memory than an anthology filled with people he has helped over the years, writing stories inspired by CJ or his work.

We hope you enjoy these tales of fantasy, science fiction and horror, and that they might inspire you as well.


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