Secrets of the Sands | Leona Wisoker


The Children of the Desert series has been reissued by ReAnimus Press. The copies on sale through TSL are all from the ReAnimus printing at this point; the Mercury Retrograde edition has sold out.


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A thief cuts the wrong purse.

A noblewoman makes a dangerous power play.

Their lives will never be the same–and neither will the world around them.

In the first book of the Children of the Desert series by Leona Wisoker, noblewoman Alyea of Peysimun and street thief Idisio are as opposite as can be imagined–except for one thing: their fierce desire to not only survive, but to gain enough power that nobody can ever hurt them again. Their choices take them into a world of politics and intrigue that is far more dangerous and complex than they ever expected.

Cover art courtesy Michael Sullivan

Sample Chapter HERE.


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