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This is not Peanuts. Nor is it Dilbert. In fact, I could probably list all sorts of things it isn’t, without ever quite nailing down what it is. The only way I can explain this collection is to say that the most common response I see from folks reading it is: “Oh goodness, that is so wrong. Why am I laughing so hard?”

Partially Clips is based around a simple conceit: take a piece of clipart, run the same piece for three panels, and add in dialogue text that turns it into a joke. As with Erfworld, the series is available to read online for free, but I highly recommend picking up the print copy. There’s something satisfying about dropping a book on the floor while you crack up, for one thing. It also makes a great gift for folks who don’t like reading webcomics online (they do exist, believe it or not!).

Be careful who you give this book to, though. There are some extremely warped moments within. This comic achieves a ghost pepper level of snarky humor. You’ve been warned….

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