Complete set of Children of the Desert for the price of one book! Does not include free shipping.

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Buy SECRETS OF THE SANDS, book one of Leona R Wisoker’s CHILDREN OF THE DESERT series, at full price, and get THE NEXT FOUR BOOKS* entirely free!

This offer is valid through 12/31/20, and only ten sets are available at this time.

Titles included:

Secrets of the Sands

Guardians of the Desert

Bells of the Kingdom

Fires of the Desert

Servants of the Sands**

NOTE: this deal does NOT include free shipping — sorry!

* The fifth book, SERVANTS OF THE SANDS, is being reissued as a two book set at some point in the near future. This offer does not include that reissue, only the original one-volume printing.

** One of the reasons for the reissue of this title is the unusually small font used due to the high word count of this book. Be aware that this version of SERVANTS may be difficult to read in print format. I have made an offer that anyone who has bought a full price copy of SERVANTS over the last two years can ask to swap their copy out for the new version, once it launches; that offer does not apply to this sale, since you’re not actually paying for the original copy in the first place.

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