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From the Erfworld web site:

Erfworld is a fantasy/humor story, with heavy elements of gaming and strategy. It’s about Parson Gotti, an obsessive strategy gamer from Columbus, Ohio, who is summoned into Erfworld, a gamelike world in a constant state of war. Parson has no idea how anything works, but they put him in charge of an army anyway. The military situation he faces is hopeless, and if he wants to live through the next week, he’ll need a plan…

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Are you burned out on “ordinary person summoned into fantasy land to fight dragons and elves” stories? Or, conversely, is that exactly the type of story you love the most? Are you, or have you been, an avid RPG player (dice and paper and pencils, please, none of this newfangled computer stuff)? Do you love seeing tropes inverted, tied into knots, and cheerfully tossed out the window, to be replaced with dry and subtle snark?

This series is for you. Rob Balder’s Erfworld is one of the most amazing webcomics I’ve come across in recent years. It fills a definite niche for gamers of all ages and platforms, and no matter how many of the jokes you pick up on, you’re sure to be missing just as many. Figuring that part out is half the fun….

Now, you can read the entire series to date online for free. So why buy the book? Well. This is a big, heavy, monster of a book. Once you set this bad boy out on the table, there will be absolutely no doubt that you are a Master Geek. There’s no putting this one on a shelf to get it out of the way. This is a book to display, to show off, to be admired.

Also, if you lose power, you’ll have something fun to read by candlelight. What’s not to love there?

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