Allen L. Wold | A Closet For A Dragon

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A Closet For A Dragon features an array of tales from an excellent storyteller. You’ll follow shy dragons and children, oddballs and strangers; you’ll find the familiar twisted round upon itself as though Orouboros challenged Schrödinger’s Cat to a duel and the Cheshire Cat got in the way. Drawn from over fifty years of writing experience, some tales are more polished than others; this is a deliberate decision on the author’s part, in order to show a very real progression of hard work shaping natural talent into the formidable skill that draws so many people into his convention workshops.

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Allen L. Wold says of this book:

I wrote these stories over a period of fifty years. Many are somewhat experimental, and most have not been previously published. They are science fiction, or fantasy, or horror, or mixed, or something in between. They range from the Arizona desert to an intergalactic civilization, from the rebirth of daydreams to sadistic revenge. All have been revisited to ensure that they meet my current standards of storytelling. I hope you enjoy them.

Full Disclosure: Leona R. Wisoker, owner of The Scribbling Lion, had a hand in editing many of the tales in this collection. That is not why the book is in TSL inventory. It’s in our inventory because the majority of the stories are, in Leona’s opinion, excellently enjoyable, and even the mediocre ones are worth reading.

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