Going to ConGregate 2016? Want to buy something from The Scribbling Lion’s catalogue but are afraid we’ll run out of the book you want before you arrive (a real fear, trust me, with our very limited stock!) TWO PREORDER COUPONS ARE NOW LIVE, juuuuust for you!

Please, do take advantage of the early order option–that makes SURE we can get stock in time, lets us know what’s hot, and gives us a chance to arrange surprise add-ons for our awesome customers. 🙂

Coupon codes:

For general orders: ConGregate16

To preorder the first 4 books of Leona R. Wisoker’s Children of the Desert series: Series-16

Remember: If you’re local to Williamsburg, VA, you can also arrange local pickup through Retro Daddio’s–save on shipping and have an excuse to browse through a suuuuuuper fun shop at the same time! 🙂 Use coupon RetroD for that!