One Birthday, Coming Right Up!

Hey, The Scribbling Lion is one year old–and we totally missed celebrating! According to our legal records, we were formally born Oct 3, 2013.

Wow. Where did the time go? And how could we have let that date slip by without fanfare?

Well, we’re going to make up for lost time. First of all, we’re giving a shout out to Ash Ambirge and Rachel Rodgers of The Middle Finger Project and Small Business Bodyguard, because we would not have been able to navigate the often bizarre and confusing rules, regs, and paperwork of the past year without their cheerful support. If you haven’t signed up to follow Ash & Rachel yet, do so. If you’re a small business owner just starting out, or struggling with survival, they’re going to hand you vital tools for, basically, pennies. (We know how much our lawyer costs us per hour. In comparison, Rachel’s collection of tools is dead cheap. And worth ten times the price. Kinda like our lawyer.)

Then, we’re going to point out that our contact links will now lead to a new email address (yeah, we know, that’s only exciting to us webby geeks, but bear with us). We’re going to have to be stern with spam, so please, please, if you email us–make really sure that the subject line is something non-spammy sounding.

We also have a newly updated Security Policy. And a freshly minted PCI compliance certificate. And an empty bottle of Costco-sized headache remedy. (Folks–if you take credit cards at all–set aside a week right now to update every. freaking. thing. possible. Doesn’t matter if you take one credit card sale a year. We’ll put a post up soon to tell you more about what we went through this time around. Right now, we’ll just say: major critical item. Don’t skip it.)

OK, OK, that’s all informational stuff. That’s all pretty boring as far as birthday celebrations go. So let’s spice it up a little bit!

because it’s almost the end of the year….

…and we’re really wanting to turn our inventory over to make room for new folks we’ve discovered….


everything is half price.**

Yes. Seriously. You still have to pay tax and shipping, because, yanno, let’s be real here. But everything–everything in stock–is going to drop to half price.

And even better... if you buy an entire series, such as all four books currently out of the Children of the Desert series, you’ll get an extra $5 off the reduced total. So an order that would normally cost $60 (15×4) would drop to $30… and then to $25.

Four books for twenty-five dollars.

Correction/note: One exception–The two books by Zachary Steele, Anointed and Flutter will be 5.25 each, $8 for both. The math was just crazy otherwise.  😀

We’re nuts. We know. Running big year end sales is bad for business, you risk training your customers to wait for the sales. Yeah, we know. We don’t care right now, because we have so many cool folks to bring onto the team, and we have such limited storage space… So there you have it. Total madness super sale.

So what are you waiting for? Hie ye over to thee eldee Shoppe and purchase yers some litratchuuure. 😀

*ducking the rotten tomatoes* OK, we won’t mangle language like that again. At least not soon.


**By the way--THIS APPLIES TO PURCHASES MAKE AT TSL’S TABLE AT THIS WEEKEND’S CONVENTION, ATOMACON OF SOUTH CAROLINA.  We want to clear the year out with ZERO inventory if we can! Here, have a downloadable PDF flyer of the exact prices we’ll have on offer this weekend.

See you there!!! We can’t WAIT to see how much this convention has grown in the past year.