On To The Next!

Next what? Next book, next project, next triumph, next failure. You decide!

In the case of The Scribbling Lion, it’s the first three. AtomaCon, which from a businesss standpoint hit the last category (but which was fun all the same!), is over and behind us. We have just over a month to scramble together plans for MarsCon in January 2018, at which (gods and angels of your choice willing) Leona R Wisoker will be launching the final book in The Children of the Desert series–along with yet another supplemental story, Salt City. There may also be a cookbook available, one written by writers for writers–oh, it’s going to be AWESOME when it’s done, with names like Steven Savage and Allen L Wold and Elektra Hammond and and and other fabulous folks involved.

The latest push is to let folks know that Leona R Wisoker has a Patreon now. Check it out at http://www.patreon.com/leonarwisoker and see if that tickles your fancy. If it doesn’t, check her Twitter feed for suggestions about other Patreons you might find more exciting. Oh–what’s a Patreon? It’s the latest way to make sure your favorite writers and artists have gas money to get to the conventions where you can hang out and drink at the bar with them. Or, yanno, help pay their basic bills so they can write more great stuff for you to enjoy. In return you get special supporter benefits that folks who only buy the finished products never see. It’s a great way of helping out without spending a fortune, and you get SO MUCH in return. Seriously, take a look through the list. We bet you’ll find someone you want to support. 🙂

Onwards and upwards, watch this space for developing news in the coming weeks!