Of Tom Doyle, James Joyce, and Ireland

Hey there! We’re trying something new (and by new you can read fantastically fun, astoundingly amusing, deeply devious, or whatever other alliterative nonsense you want to put in place of the boring, yet serviceable new. We don’t mind a bit.) …

One of the traits of a successful writer/creative (and by successful you can read invited to be part of TSL’s team 😀 ) is that they have lots and lots of projects on hand at any given time–for writers, that might be blog posts scattered across the internetz, short stories posted hither and yon, obscure publications with early displays of their developing brilliance piled high on their shelves at home, and so forth. And when an author has sooooo many items on hand, there are bound to be a few gems that are reusable as “hooker fiction”–

–what? Get your mind out of the gutter, you! Humph! Really. Kids these days….

We’re using that phrase in the literal sense–to grab and tug you-the-reader into wanting to devour more and more of that writer’s marvelous work. Since Tom Doyle (remember him?) has a book launching in the near future, he offered up one of the stories from his collection of fabulous tales (which, yes, we have in our shop–what a coincidence! 😀 ) It’s a long story, so we’re breaking it up into sections and posting it across the coming week. Read the introduction to today’s section here (it’s worth taking the time to peruse) and the first section of the story itself here.

Now. Leona (who runs this whole shebang, remember, including all things webby) will be on the road for Alt*Con of Tallahassee, Florida, this week, so if something breaks with the links it may take a little while for her to fix things. Please DO send in a note about it, but please be patient with this first attempt–we expect there will be mistakes and broken bits of code, just because, yanno, this is the worst time for that to happen. 🙂 Sadly, the trip to Alt*Con never happened. Leona wound up staying home to take care of her husband, who had developed kidney stones… but he’s all better now, and she’s back to work! 😀

And enjoy the free fiction fabulous fiction augh good reads! (There we go. Good grief holy flaming daffodils, alliteration is hard to stop once one starts….)