Now On Amazon!

Hello, good morning, and wonderful day to all! The Scribbling Lion now has its inventory listed on Amazon. This is a Big Deal for a teeny tiny business. While we can’t (yet) afford the paid version, where you can find All Things Scribbling Lion in one place, when you search for something we carry, our name will pop up in the mix. Take a look at the listing for Cats In Space, for instance! We’re still navigating how all this works, but we’ll be putting Amazon buy links up alongside our own shortly. While we’d definitely make more money from a direct purchase, we understand that some folks just find Amazon more convenient. So yay for more options!

Oh, and have you taken a look at the gofundme for David L Deane yet? The matching donation drive for October is almost over… please, pass the word along if you can’t donate!