New product lineup!

I’ve just updated the last bit of new inventory I believe I’ll be stocking this side of 2016. Take a look at the shop and see if you like the new additions! For example, Shut Up And Eat!, an unofficial Dr. Who cookbook by Angela Pritchett that’s stocked with lots of fun, whimsically named dishes to show off at your next geek gathering; Iron & Blood, a fast paced steampunk adventure by Gail Z./Larry N. Martin; Partially Clips, Vol 1, Rob Balder’s entirely and sometimes painfully raunchy book of clipart gone astray; and other odd and fun items.

WE are taking preorders for ChessieCon RIGHT NOW. The new stock is sharply limited (3-5 copies of each item, at most), so if you want to be sure of getting your copy of an item, let us know to reserve it for you!