New Addition! (Not the same as New Math. We promise.)

We have a new face on The Scribbling Lion crew! Please join us in welcoming Steven Savage, Geek 2.0,  of Seventh Sanctum and Muse Hack Fame. He brings us a West Coast perspective on the advantages of fandom that should brighten up the discussions around here.  You can find out more about Steven on his shiny new Pack Page,  and you can check out which of his books we’re selling  here. Please do welcome him in the comments, and do ask questions!

(Here’s a look at that new face, just in case you haven’t already clicked over to take a peek: )

Steven Savage 2014
What do you want to know?

Other important stuff to be aware of:

CapClave: Where Reading Is Not Extinct!CapClave is just around the corner! It’s a great, great convention for anyone who loves to read–their tagline is “Where reading is not extinct” — and we can say, from first hand experience, that the staff of this particular convention are fabulously dedicated folks. It’s always a good show–with lots of wonderful authors–so if you haven’t already signed up, please do grab at least a day pass and go enjoy the fun! This year, you’ll be able to meet creative geniuses such as Paolo Bacigalupi (GoH), Danielle Ackley McPhail,Genevieve Valentine (GoH), David Bartell, Holly Black (GoH), Chuck Gannon, TSL’s own Tom Doyle and Jonah Knight, indomitable Janine Spendlove, sharp-witted Michael Ventrella, friendly sage Allen Wold, and of course the remarkable K. Ceres Wright. And more. Lots and lots and lots more people.  We don’t have room here to tell you about all of them; stop over to the CapClave Registered Members Page to see the full list.*

*Don’t be fooled if you see Leona’s name on the list; she’s not going to be able to attend this year. But she very, very much wants you to go and have fun in her place!

American Craftsmen--Tom DoyleAmerican Craftsmen by Tom Doyle continues to gather wonderful reviews!*

For example:

“An exhilarating mix of magic, military action, American history (the fun kind), and a Jason Bourne-like race to stop the real bad guys.”

–Jack Campbell, New York Times bestselling author

“an intricately re-envisioned history of America with literary references . . . It’s a feat of craftsmanship to be celebrated!”

–Jacqueline Carey, author of the Kushiel series

“Tom Doyle is an American Brother Grimm. . . . as if Edgar Alan Poe and Philip K Dick teamed up to write a military action-thriller.”

–Nicole Galland, author of I, Iago and contributor to The Mongoliad


For more comments by authors such as Jerry Pournell, Larry Niven, Larry Correia, and others: the American Craftsmen page on Tom’s site

*Unfortunately, TSL is not yet carrying this item, because we simply haven’t had time to read it ourselves; but given how much we love his collection of short stories– A Wizard Of Macatawa and Other Stories –we stand firmly behind Tom’s skill as a storycrafter. It can be found at the usual outlets, including Amazon and B&N.

DeadlyCuriositiesGail Z. Martin continues to pull in great reviews for her projects, too. Here’s what’s being said about Deadly Curiosities*:

Emily L. Leverett, of the blog Writing Under a Dancing Star:* “[V]ery much enjoyed the diversity of the cast . . . . full of life and personality. The plot moves quickly, driving forward and carrying the reader along . . . I couldn’t put the book down.”

*side note: that is a freaking awesome name for a blog!

Maggie Jones of Not Yet Read: “Gail Z. Martin does an excellent job painting vivid scenes, her suspense and fight scenes are amazing and her characters charming. I can’t wait for more!”

Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer“Cool characters and spirits! . . . Unique, fresh world building . . .action packed and exciting.”

For more information on this book, check out Gail’s own web site!

* Unfortunately, TSL does not yet have copies of this one in our inventory. We do have both American and British versions of Ice Forged, however!


Is there more? OF COURSE THERE IS. But you don’t want to read it all in one loooooong tedious post. And we don’t want to write a big long tedious update. So we’ll bring you information on Devo Spice, Danny Birt, Leona Wisoker, and Jonah Knight in another post. (If you don’t want to wait, you can always track each of us down on Twitter and Facebook to find out the absolutely newest stuff going on with us!)

One final note: If you haven’t started reading the web comic Snow By Night yet, you really, really ought to. It’s getting better and better with every book. And the artwork is Just Gorgeous.