Items Of Interest

Here’s another roundup of cool things you might be interested in looking over:

What if Sherlock Holmes had to accept that the supernatural does, in fact, exist? For an answer, take a look at a new anthology, An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, edited by A.C. Thompson. Contributors include Tally Johnson, Lucy Blue, S.H. Roddey, and several more. It’s published by Mocha Memoirs Press, which is owned and run by author Nicole Givens Kurtz. Full disclosure: I haven’t gotten around to reading this one yet, but based on hearing bits of it read at various conventions in the past couple of months, it’s on my TBR list. I love the concept! I’ve always wondered what Sherlock would do if faced with irrefutable evidence of the paranormal.

Next up, take a look at BrewinOvations. I ran across them at a recent convention and was really impressed with their switch plate covers. They craft everything from candle holders to clothing, wooden boxes to patio lanterns. It’s an impressive array of creative dedication, and quite possibly a great source for that last minute holiday gift you’ve been wanting to grab.

Orchard Organiss is another really interesting business to check out. Their web site is unlike anything else I’ve seen lately: a web-comic/t-shirt design company. There appears to still be some development of the concept in progress, but it’s a very intriguing start! (No longer active)

Interested in erotic SF? Take a look at Ora J.McGuire/Nickie Jamison’s web site, oopswrongcookie–the site name alone was enough to get my interest! Again, I haven’t read any of this author’s work to date, but she’s on my TBR stack based on how she presented herself at Chessie and AtomaCon.

Latest great music showing up on my Pandora playlist: Katzenjammer, Utada Hikaru. Also, if you haven’t already heard of the beautifully surreal podcast Welcome to Night Vale, take a listen right now–they even have an app for your phone/iPad that makes sorting out the stream dead easy. And there’s even a Nightvale novel out now! That is definitely on my TBR list, lemme tell you….

That’s enough for now. Have fun going through the various links, and I hope you find a great holiday gift or new favorite among the above offerings! 🙂