Here I Am!

Hey, folks!

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been out of town, taking care of my mom. It took a lot out of me, and I’m only slowly coming back to my feet. Right now, The Scribbling Lion is officially going on hiatus through December; the store is being disabled, and I won’t take orders through the web site. If you want to contact me directly via email or Twitter, I’d be happy to set up a purchase order for you, of course. I simply need to narrow the list of things to pay attention to right now.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll relaunch the site as a simple one without a web store come January. I’m not going to shut the Lion down, mainly because it is so useful a framework when running a convention table. I am going to cut back on what I’m spending, and this website, sad to say, is not all that cheap at the moment. Licenses, domain names, secure certification, yadda yadda. I aimed big, and it’s time to trim it back.

Thank you all for your patience. I should be on my feet again by January and making Decisions. In the meanwhile, please do feel free to follow me on twitter: @leonawisoker WARNING: My Twitter feed is very politic-heavy right now. If you’re avoiding politics, don’t follow me. 🙂

Happy holidays and stay safe!

Leona R Wisoker