Getting Back Up…

Hello, all! Thanks for your patience. It’s been a rough couple years, and the last few months especially have sent me into a tailspin. Happily, I can now report that the HUGE STRESS WORRY GRIEF ANGST period of dealing with my mom’s slow decline is now tapering off. So I can get back to stuff that makes me happy again, and this web site is one of those wondrous items.

First, I’m going to honor my mom, because without her backing me up, I never would have had the courage to do so many things in life. You’re welcome to read the eulogy I wrote for her. She was a pretty damn incredible lady. She taught me about getting back up after falling down, no matter what. She is directly responsible for my attitude that I’M A LION, I DON’T STAY DOWN, SCREW THAT, MOVE OVER. Or as Granny Weatherwax might have said, I AINTN’T DEAD. So there you are.

OK. So. I’ve sat down and thought long and hard about just what makes me happy about The Scribbling Lion. It really hasn’t changed since the beginning: I love talking about creative projects and people from all around the world, and boosting signal for those who might not have the best of promotional networks behind them. More recently, I’m enjoying the room to publish my own side projects without worrying over an Official Publisher Stamp of Approval. The problem I’ve run into, of course, is the funding. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the online sales I’d planned on have been remarkably flat. I believe that’s because I don’t sell ebooks or digital downloads in any way; madly unfortunate, but I simply don’t have the setup for that. I work with hard copy. That means my only real sales are at conventions, which are bloody expensive at the best of times and generally negate any profit generated. I’ve tried a variety of approaches to this issue, and none have really worked all that well.

At this point, I’m going to have to start downsizing the store side of the business. That hurts like crazy, but it is what it is. I’ll have a table at AtomaCon in November. I should have the final book in The Children of the Desert series (publisher: ReAnimus Press) on hand by that point, and with luck, a self-published companion novella. I’m looking at the other attendees now to see if there are any works I love enough to set out on my table as a consignment deal; other than that, I won’t be adding to inventory from now on. Any future conventions I attend as a vendor will have to run stock as consignment, not outright purchase as I prefer. That hurts too. I really don’t like that model, for so many reasons; mainly, it simply doesn’t offer the level of support to creators that I’ve been aiming for. Unless and until TSL becomes self-supporting, though, I’m essentially broke. So again, it is what it is.

On to more positive notes. I can now focus on talking about a wider range of creative genius instead of selling said genius. I can invite more folks to come out and talk on this blog. I can play around with wilder ideas that aren’t solely based in generating income. For instance: I invite all of my followers, right now, to head over to TSL’s Twitter feed (@scribblinglion) and tag in small-press and indie authors/artists/musicians that you feel deserve a boost. Use their official Twitter handle, if they have one; their web site, if not; even an Amazon/B&N sales page if that’s the only thing available.

I’m putting together a series of polls, for another. I may get goofy with them on occasion. For the rest of the year, I’m going to just have fun with The Scribbling Lion and not worry about Running A Profitable Business. Life’s too short to not have fun, yanno?

Here. Enjoy your first poll. And thanks again for your patience!

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  1. Figuring out what makes you happy – essential and difficult. Ultimately, you have to do it.

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