Gearing Up For A Convention!

Atomacon is just around the corner, folks! The ONE CONVENTION I’m able to attend this year, both as writer and vendor. So you’re gonna be there, yeah? OF COURSE YOU ARE. Because: Gail Z. Martin. Keith DeCandido. Orielis Books. Misty Massey. Samantha Bryant. Darin Kennedy. Gray Rinehart. AND ME.

And I’ll tell you, from having an advance look at the panel idea list, that it’s gonna be REALLY GOOD again this year. This is a smart bunch of folks. I’ll be doing a bunch of research in the next few weeks to be sure I can keep up with other panelists on topics I’ve selected.

On the business end of things: since everything’s been super thin this year, financially, my stock isn’t going to be as robust as I’d like. I will probably be pointing a lot of folks over to Orielis for their purchases. They routinely carry a larger stock of books by Gail Z Martin, Misty Massey, and the other big names than I can afford to keep on hand. What I’ll be offering this time around is primarily my own books: the Children of the Desert series and side novellas, the anthologies I’ve lucked into, and whatever other stuff I still have on hand.

Fortunately, the list of titles with my name under them is steadily growing, and that’s really quite fun to see.

And the important thing is that you come to the convention, anyway. Don’t worry about buying books. (I lie. Totally think about buying books. Lots and lots of books.) Come on out and have a fun time with me. With Gail and Darin and Misty and Gray. Sing, dance, laugh, drink, and generally have a goofy-ass day or two of relief from the grind.

I’ll see you there!