Mysticon 2015

GoH 2015: Alan Dean Foster, Sean Maher, Kevin McKeever, Scott Rorie, Bella Morte, Christina Stiles, James “Butch” Allen

Leona Wisoker, Gail Z. Martin, and Danny Birt will be attending this convention. The Scribbling Lion will not have a table at this event.

We also HIGHLY recommend checking out the antics of Allen Wold (writer, teacher), Gray Rinehart (writer, musician), Michael Ventrella (writer, lawyer), Mike Pederson (RavenCon organizer, publisher, editor), and R.S. Belcher (writer), among many others. Mysticon is a remarkably friendly convention that routinely attracts tons of talented creatives. If you can only afford one convention in 2015, this might be the one to pick.

Be Aware: Because Leona will be attending, any online orders placed from 2/26 through 3/1 will be processed on 3/3.