FuMP Fest

The FuMP, or The Funny Music Project, launched in 2007 and quickly became the go-to place for funny music on the internet.  Legendary radio personality Dr. Demento called it “the best thing to happen to funny music since Al went weird.”

Since we launched we’ve been talking about doing a FuMP convention.  We talked about it.  And we talked about it some more.  And kept talking about it.  We did lots of talking.  Then LukeSkiCon happened, and Devo Spice realized this was a good dry run for a FuMP convention.  So in 2014 a dozen comedy-musicians, Dr. Demento, and the folks from Meep Morp Studios got together to put on FuMPFest, and it was awesome.  So we’re doing it again.

We’ve got a great weekend planned including:

NOTE: Read an interview with Devo Spice about FuMP Fest’s inaugural year here!