Are You Doing A Writing Post-Mortem?: Steven Savage

This originally appeared on The Writing of a Wisoker on the Loose in November 2011.

As a Project Manager one of the big things for every project is a post-mortem.  Maybe you call it a post-launch discussion, project analysis, or something else if you want a less morbid title.  Whatever name you use, almost every PM, like myself, spends some time after a project asking “what did we learn from all of this?”

Having recently launched my latest book, “Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers“, I’m conducting a post-mortem on the book and book launch.  I wanted to share a few insights about the value of such an activity:

It acknowledges completion: Book is out, fine, done, etc.  A good post-mortem gives you closure.

It lets you shift mindsets:  Now that the project is done, a post-mortem lets you shift to a learning mindset.  It might even be more relaxing than those last few days/weeks of publishing.

It encourages you to think of what went right and wrong–at the best time:  When the flurry of publishing is over, when the last PDF is uploaded, it’s time to encourage yourself to learn from the experience.  A distinct post-mortem lets you do that, and do it in a time where you’re probably saner (or at least burnt out enough to be calm).

It encourages a technical approach: Sitting back and asking what went right and wrong, analyzing it, etc. helps you improve.  It might seem  bit uncreative to some, but to me it’s very inspiring – by taking apart what I did technically, I see whole new possibilities or things that went well.

It helps you learn:  Setting aside time to look back over the creation process of your book allows the lessons learned to work their way into your mind more easily.  You probably learned a lot from the writing, but in the hectic-craziness of creation, you don’t always know what you learned.

It prepares you for the next step: There’s always another book coming, more marketing, etc.  Having shifted perspectives and learned your lessons, you’re ready for the next challenge.

Be it a book or a complex piece of software, a good post-mortem is a great way to learn from your recent activities.  I just wish there was a less morbid, equally popular name for it…

Photo of the author: Steven Savage 2014Steven Savage in his own words:

I’m Steven Savage, and I am Geek 2.0.

OK … that sounds either pretentious or obscure, and I try not to be either too much.  So what do I mean by Geek 2.0?

Geek 2.0 is a lifestyle.  It’s about taking the geeky values of technology, knowledge, creativity, and media as far as possible. It’s a way of life – and a way of contributing to society.

I believe in taking Geekiness farther – into the next iteration, into 2.0.

Steven Savage is the author of the Fan to Pro blog and books (Unlocking Career Insights With Your HobbiesConvention Career Connection; Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers; Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists, and Careers; Inhuman Resources; and Progeek Rising), has his own web site, and incidentally is the mind behind the popular Seventh Sanctum site. He also writes for Nerd Caliber and Comics Bulletin.