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End Of The Line

It’s been coming for a while now.

The Scribbling Lion is closing.

(But NOT The Irregular Update!)

(Updates added as of 9/1/2020)

This is a devastating decision for me, but it’s not a surprise. My strength has always been in hand-selling, using face to face conversations and in-person networking to sell stock and raise interest in The Scribbling Lion’s mission of helping small press and indie authors.

With the conventions I count on closing for COVID-19, I’m left with online sales — and I truly just can’t comfortably connect with customers online. There’s too much missing from the conversation when I can’t see faces and gestures.

So at the end of the year, I’m shutting the doors for The Scribbling Lion and moving on to other projects. It’s been a good run. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve made a few people happy, I’ve raised awareness of some excellent authors.

I’ve reopened the web store. I hope you’ll take a moment to browse the inventory and order something! Again, I’m not restocking or back ordering anything, so what you see is all there is.

Most orders will be shipped via Retro Daddio in Williamsburg; locals are welcome to arrange pickup at the store to save on shipping charges*. There may be a delay in shipping times, given the current strain on the USPS and the fact that we only ship via media mail.
(RD is not shipping my stock at this point, I am. I can still arrange a dropoff at RD to save on shipping, but you need to contact me directly for that option.)

*Be aware: RD’s is currently only open by appointment, so advance planning is required to pick up a purchase.

PLEASE: if you run into any trouble ordering, let me know immediately so that I can fix the problem. Twitter is the fastest way to reach me (@scribblinglion), or via email ( If you call, leave a message, as I don’t answer unknown numbers.


Atomacon 2020 and GriffinCon 2020 will be my last conventions as The Scribbling Lion.

If those two events fall through, I won’t replace them with anything else. (They fell through.)

My table at Retro Daddio will remain in place until the end of 2020, but I will not be reordering or refilling any stock. (Given circumstances, I have pulled my table from Retro already.)

I will hold to my promise and not return any stock to the authors, unless they specifically request for me to do so. (I hate to break this promise, but I am beginning to return inventory to publishers at this point. )

In December, I will run a closeout sale on anything remaining in inventory; anything left Jan 1 gets donated, probably to a convention.

If you’re interested in anything on my shelves, don’t wait for December. Many items are already down to a single copy, and I’m really hoping that this announcement will prompt a wave of orders.

Q: What happens to Leona R Wisoker’s self-published work when TSL closes?
I am looking into whether to create a new company for my self-published ventures, as I have several more projects in the works as we speak. It would be simpler, in many ways, to separate that from the bookstore. The hardest part will be coming up with a new name!

Q: What happens to The Irregular Update?
This newsletter will continue as before, focusing on great books and writing related news; it just won’t have any buy links. There may be a broader spectrum of information, mainly gardening and cooking. The main theme will remain firmly tied to literature, so as long as that’s what you’re enjoying, stick around!

Q: Why not hold a fundraiser, apply for a small business loan, set up a Ko-fi, or create a Patreon in order to stay in business?
Because I’m not good at those things, and I don’t think they’d bring in enough to help in the long run. Also, I know when it’s time to cut my losses and let go, and this is that time, my friends. As I said above, it’s been a good run. I’m tremendously grateful to all of you for helping The Scribbling Lion stay open this long.

Do you have other questions? Please drop me a line at, or catch up with me on Twitter (@scribblinglion). I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support, and please spread the word. I’d very much like to sell out of inventory before the end of the year!

Take care and stay safe,

Leona R Wisoker