End of the Line, Beginning of Another

With the end of 2020 comes the end of The Scribbling Lion Bookstore. It’s been a great few years, and the rush of orders in the closing days was extremely encouraging — thank you, everyone who helped clear the shelves! I still have several books that I’ll be sending out as donations to conventions and libraries in the next couple of months, but the shop is officially closed at this point.

I’m taking January completely off from TSL, other than official paperwork stuff, and focusing on mapping out the year ahead. There is a chance I’ll reimagine this site as a book review site; I’ll decide closer to February if I have the energy for that. Right now, I’m going to rest, and work on my writing, and dream about the garden I’ll build in the spring.

Thank you all, again and again — and please, take a chance on your dreams! It may not always work out, but it’s a great feeling to have given it a try.