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Otter TeasDanny BirtThe Mole Day Song

The Mole Day Song from my album “Otter Teas” is a short concept song, and is the first song I ever recorded completely a capella (because yes, even the sounds in the background are my voice).

Chemists will get the reason behind the song immediately since Oct. 23rd is celebrated in laboratories all around the world as somewhat of a chemists’ holiday, but for those of you who do not know… do you remember Avogadro’s Number* from high school**?

Listen to the song!


* If not, you can cheat, it’s OK. Here’s the explanation.

** For those who knew without looking it up, congratulations! But did you know that Avogadro’s Number is also, apparently, a restaurant***?? Betcha didn’t!!

*** We totally gotta eat there one of these days. Wow.