I’m working with small businesses to build an advertising revenue stream for TSL. In exchange for my promotional help, I’m wrangling special coupons that are ONLY AVAILABLE through TSL.

At this point, the featured businesses are not paying for ad space on TSL, so the only way this builds value for anyone is if folks actually use the coupons. Just saying…

These are all designed to be pulled up on your smart phone and shown onscreen. Click on the coupon for a larger image to show the waiter, or click on the “PRINT VERSION” link below the coupon for a more printer-friendly version.

As a side note: TSL no longer offers in-house coupons for our merchandise, simply because A) nobody ever redeemed the damn things (there’s that lack of value thing in action) and B) we’re already cutting our prices so low we can’t afford to offer coupons.

So: coupons for other fabulous shops. Share & Enjoy!

No coupons right now. We'll have more posted soon!
We’re working on it. We promise.

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